Still River Winery
      We specialize in an apple ice wine. In fact, this is the only wine we produce.
      104 Bolton Rd
      Harvard, MA 01451

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      On a weekend trek, The Holtzmans spotted a Canadian invention known as cidre de glace, which is ice wine made from apples. One taste and it was love at first sip for the couple. Together they instantly recognized that if such a great wine could be made from Canadian apples, then using premium Massachusetts apples from the farms surrounding their New England home would result in an ice wine ever more delicious.

      And so began the Holtzman family's passion for making the best apple ice wine on the planet.

      Still River Winery: A Family Affair
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      Still River Winery
      104 Bolton Rd, Harvard MA 01451 - 978-456-6850
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      We make the best Apple Ice Wine on planet Earth.
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