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      Distilled from Organically Grown Wines and Fruits
      26567 N Rd
      Hotchkiss, CO 81419

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      At Peak Spirits© we make CapRock Organic Gin, CapRock Organic Vodka, Peak Organic Eaux de Vie, and Peak Biodynamic Grappas, all from the ground up.

      That means we grow, ferment and distill at the Jack Rabbit Hill Biodynamic Farm in western Colorado's North Fork Gunnison Valley. We focus as much on growing as on distilling... Because great, authentic flavors start in the ground with clean, healthy growing practices.

      All Peak products are USDA-certified organic (some are even Demeter-certified Biodynamic), made with mouth-watering fruit from 5 certified organic/biodynamic growers within 10 miles of the Peak Spirits distillery.
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      • Peach Eau De Vie
      • Pear Eau De Vie
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